On the road to Hana part 2


We made it to mile marker 10.5 on the road to Hana which was this amazing garden.


On the road to Hana.


I’m starting to get into the vacation pics, lol. This is from a photo I took on Maui.


Just a lil plant from my travels to Palm Springs. 


She really likes sleeping on this rug. The same one is in the kitchen but apparently that one is for sliding across the floor.


Plein air painting is sometimes an exercise in making boring things fun to look at. 😂

Light box expo 2020

Lissennnnnnnn. Lightbox Expo was so lit this year! Everything was online and I got to watch way more presentations than I would have when it’s on location. I saw EVERY artist alley booth and now all my money are belong to BIPOC artists. Here are


Juneteenth or Freedom Day is the day when union soldiers in Texas (one of the most remote slave states at that time) found out that those who were enslaved were free. Over the years it has become a day to support Black businesses and to