Happy (almost) Halloweeeeeen!

Ok so Halloween got kinda cancelled this year but my work decided to do a pumpkin carving costume contest. I am fully unprepared and unskilled at pumpkin carving so I’m gonna present this doodle instead. 😂 I’m the headless VFX artist. 🎃 Yeah

34/365 #Gothtober No Refunds

Introducing Meeks, Gigi’s house ghost. He doesn’t have to stay in the house all the time, but he didn’t have to tag along on her trip to the farmers market either. 😒 No CG for this one just plain ol’ painting.

34/365 #interiortober Restaurant

I’ve decided I’d rather make 365 good paintings rather than just a rushed painting every day for a year. So I’m gonna use 365 as a labeling system and spend as much time as I want on these so I can actually learn some things.

32/365 #interiortober Bedroom

I love attic bedrooms! I mean living out in the desert I’m sure they get super hot but the sunlight with the slanted roof is always so pretty.

31/365 #interiortober Kitchen

Oh wow first interior in heavy paint! Instarted out with the tightest perspective and then started painting and threw it right out the window in the name of fun. 😂😂😂


This was a struggle painting. 😂 heavy paint started glitching and I stubbornly painted through it. I guess I’ll be using the desktop version until the IOS kinks are worked out.


Ok I forgot what these little pumpkin cherry lookin things are called, but they’re really cute. 🎃🍒 


These paper bark trees were so cool to look at.


This one got a little hairy lol. They can’t all be winners. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 


These windy trees are a lot of fun to paint. ☺️


Ok I don’t know that I really stuck to the time frame as I was busy rolling my eyes at the debate. We’ll call it an hour and a half.