PleinAirpril Day 7

ok I know I was supposed to do these tiny on my phone but I upgraded my iPad and I’m obsessed with it 😂😂😂

PleinAirpril Day 5

well that came together pretty quick 🤣 I think I’m getting the hang of painting on my phone. 

PleinAirpril Day 4

The nice thing about these paintings is I’m not spending more than a couple hours on them so I feel more comfortable about experimenting with different textures. 

Pleinairpril Day 2

So for this challenge I’m working on not just painting what is there in the reference. Scary but fun.

Pleinairpril Day 1

I have been waiting the whole pandemy for pleinairpril to roll around again and it’s time! I’m doing my paintings in advance so I don’t get too caught up in the time constraint. Here’ a look at day one (also April’s calendar image for Patreon

How many more days of winter is it again?

More and more I’ve been counting down to spring. I’ve never been one for winter in the first place but pandemic winter is a whole other level. I scribbled on this for a few days and I love that heavy paint lends itself to abstraction.

“Pal”entines Day sneak peek!

Ok so I didn’t make valentines last year and I feel like that upset the cosmic balance and threw us into the dumpster fire of 2020. So this year, I’m making em’! Gonna raise our vibration a bit with some good intentions. And yes I‘ll


Now that I’ve finished my book project I don’t know how to switch back to just making what I want. I figured this would be a good time to employ the sketchbook project’s 99 art challenges book. The first one says to write a letter