Cacti July 1

I have endless reference of cacti and other succulents so why not paint them for the month of July? Definitely less scary than Kai-June.

Fine Art Friday 5/21

Finally finished the one, it’s overworked of course but I like it anyway.  Next Friday I’ll go back into another unfinished painting and complete it on stream. (   

May Character Design Challenge

Omg so CDC (character design challenge not the center for disease control) chose the best theme this month: Cowboy Bebop!  I adore that show and Ed is one of my favorite characters. I bet she was a lot of fun to animate cause she‘s this

PleinAirpril Day 15

Work is getting busy so I decided to do half of the daily painting challenge so this is it for the desert paintings for now. For the rest of the month I’ve got some lovely reference of Japanese store fronts and other sights from Japan

PleinAirpril Day 14

I kinda like this muted crystal gem pallette. Before sunrise is definitely my favorite time of day in the desert

PleinAirpril Day 11

So these giant chairs are a thing in the desert lol. Kindof a fun random thing to see.

PleinAirpril Day 10

We saw a lot of these berry bushes the last time we were in Joshua tree. This next set of paintings is random things we stopped to look at white hiking.

PleinAirpril Day 9

Our first time going out to Yucca Valley/ Joshua tree we drove in at night and it looked like we had stumbled on an alien landscape. All we heard was coyotes though lol.

PleinAirpril Day 8

I think I’m gonna make some mobile backgrounds from these vertically composed paintings. In other news I’m extending my gum road sale through the rest of the month 💜 Save 37% with the promo code gumroad37 all month (does not apply to commission requests)