PleinAirpril Day 11

So these giant chairs are a thing in the desert lol. Kindof a fun random thing to see.

PleinAirpril Day 10

We saw a lot of these berry bushes the last time we were in Joshua tree. This next set of paintings is random things we stopped to look at white hiking.

PleinAirpril Day 9

Our first time going out to Yucca Valley/ Joshua tree we drove in at night and it looked like we had stumbled on an alien landscape. All we heard was coyotes though lol.

PleinAirpril Day 8

I think I’m gonna make some mobile backgrounds from these vertically composed paintings. In other news I’m extending my gum road sale through the rest of the month 💜 Save 37% with the promo code gumroad37 all month (does not apply to commission requests)

PleinAirpril Day 7

ok I know I was supposed to do these tiny on my phone but I upgraded my iPad and I’m obsessed with it 😂😂😂

PleinAirpril Day 5

well that came together pretty quick 🤣 I think I’m getting the hang of painting on my phone. 

PleinAirpril Day 4

The nice thing about these paintings is I’m not spending more than a couple hours on them so I feel more comfortable about experimenting with different textures. 

Pleinairpril Day 2

So for this challenge I’m working on not just painting what is there in the reference. Scary but fun.

Pleinairpril Day 1

I have been waiting the whole pandemy for pleinairpril to roll around again and it’s time! I’m doing my paintings in advance so I don’t get too caught up in the time constraint. Here’ a look at day one (also April’s calendar image for Patreon