Analog sketchbook page 1: Space bunnies.

I am trying to get myself back in the habit of making analog sketches before going to digital iterations. I am only posting these for patrons though, I can’t share my silly thoughts with the whole internet lol 😂  

9/19/21 Sketch

As of this weekend I am officially a resident of the desert!🏜😄 I low key want to use this sketch for the October calendar but I also wanted to do something Octobery like a pumpkin patch or something which as I’m typing it sounds basic.

9/12/21 Sketch

Light box was expo was once again awesome this year! I watched an Adobe fresco demo and of course I had to try it out. So here is my clumsy bumbling sketch I did in the car on the way back from the desert. 😂

8/20 Daily Sketch

I ended up painting this start to finish on the twitch stream today so now I know that if I am sitting at my desk and painting is the only thing I’m focused on these studies only take an hour. Not too shabby xD. 

Sketch dump 8/19

Oooooh look at me two sketches today I’m on a rolllll lol 😂 I was watching Spirited Away this morning and decided to do a frame study in my drawing style. Poor Chihiro having to deal with the stink spirit 😬😬😬 Not sure what I’m doing

Daily sketch 8/18

If I ever visit Japan I am totally going for cherry blossom season.

Daily Sketch 8/17/21

I’ve got about a bajillion photos from my bestie’s sister’s adventures in Japan so this could turn into a 365 challenge real quick. But I don’t wanna put that kind of pressure on my brain so I’ll just aim to paint a little something every

Sketch Dump 8/16/21

Skech 1: Photo courtesy of my bff’s sister Colleen who lives in Japan. Sketch 2: From my reference library, this is Marina Del Rahhhh lol

Storyboarding Class Homework Dump

Oah mai gosh you guys I totally forgot about fine art friday last week! So to make up for it I'm posting my finished frame study boards thus far. I got pinged on being a little off model on one of the She-Ra frames but

Plein Air 7/26

I’m in Joshua Tree for vacation this week and I have literally nothing to do but sit outside and stare off into the distance. It. Is. Glorious.