Scribble Sunday is back!

I finally wrapped Orville and got my free time back, so I can go back to streaming!  When I set a time I never make it so I’m going to just say it’s a morning thing. 😂 Check the discord and Twitter for the 30

#PleinAirpril 2022

I set out to do all 30 days of #pleinairpril this year and by some miracle I survived! There were definitely some struggle paintings in there. I was working insane OT and not getting that much sleep but it's always totally worth it at the

Hiking adventure series 001

New year new painting series! I thought it would be fun to paint my cat exploring some of my favorite places. This is the oasis in the Coachella Valley preserve. Its so cool, it feels like a lost world in there.

Happy Valentines Day!

For this year's valentine, in our junior year of the panini, I went with cute and foofy. Cause who couldn't use a little joy? Bonus they all reached my card club patrons just in time for the holiday! If you would like to get cute

It’s that time…

Holiday season is here! This is this year’s holiday card painting. Not gonna lie I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. So naturally now I need to stare at it until I hate it. Jk jk 🤣 

It’s time!

Hey everyone! This is the image for this month’s calendar. I know it’s November and the holidays are starting and all but I’m still holding on to the last bit of chill weather. I mean it’s still 80 during the day in Indio right now

Happy Halloween!

Ok ok Ziggy would not let me put a full costume on her so this is the next best thing. Irl she was a unicorn for .2 seconds.

#Pinktober Day 2: Urban

I thought I was gonna do some cool graffiti tagged urban landscape and ended up going on a deep dive into the history of how watermelon became a racist trope. I couldn’t get it out of my head. Here’s the article I found: 

#pinktober Day 1: Sight

I just couldn’t resist Stuart Semple’s pinktober prompt list! I doubt I’ll have time to do all 31 days but I’m gonna have fun trying. 😂 For those who are interested, here is the link to the prompt list: