Zero Fs Given

I got my first offended Karen on Instagram yesterday! Apparently she followed me to “support Black artists“ and “wasn’t expecting to feel slightly attacked.“ Which I found interesting because a lot of Black artists are making art about civil justice at the moment. Maybe the landscapes fooled her but ultimately I told her very nicely that artists often hold up the mirror to society and if she’s feeling a way it may be best to really examine why. Maybe there‘s some guilt there that she hasn’t dealt with, either way, I’m not nor have I ever been one to coddle people. If you’re wrong  I’m  going to call you on it. If I’m wrong I will hold myself accountable and own that. But girl. If your solution to people challenging your world view is to center yourself and demand to speak to a manager you’re in for a rude awakening in the coming years. And I will sleep just fine with one less willfully ignorant follower.