Thank Math!

You guys I am so tired but also so happy that the dark ages are over. That may sound melodramatic but being a Black person in America for the past 4 years has been hella nerve wracking. The work is far from over. If I learned anything from this election it’s that a cool half of Americans are racist trash that wanted to continue to be racist trash. Ok a little less than half. But Heather, you say, you can’t really judge the way people voted and tie it to their character like that can you? Can’t I? If being racist af, making fun of disabled people, disrespecting and assaulting women, using the government as your own personal get out of jail free card, REFUSING TO CONDEMN WHITE SUPREMACY, and disrespecting gold star families on top of a whoooollllle bunch of flat out lying aren’t deal breakers for folks…what am I to think except that they share these beliefs? Or at the very least that they think more about themselves than other people that are suffering? 200,000+ people are dead under this president‘s watch because he was more concerned about his image than doing everything he could to keep us alive. I can forgive voting for him the first time, I get it, people wanted a shake up. But the second time? The only conclusion I can come to is that a little less than half of the country realized they could be out and proud about being racist and they didn’t want to give that up. He didn’t care about ANY American supporter or not. Good riddance to bad rubbish.