October Drawing Challenges that aren’t Inktober

Ahhhh Autumn. It’s time of year when we buy too many decorative gourds, sweep with cinnamon brooms, start making pumpkin spice everything and…WE DRAW LIKE MAD FOR 31 DAYS BWAH HAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! Since Inktober is basically cancelled (because there are no excuses for plagiarism no matter how popular your hashtag gets) folks have been making their own prompt lists; and true to form I’ve been gathering their lists into a list.  This doesn’t include alllllll of the challenges, just the ones I saved for myself. I did of course, make my own list as well.

Gothtober #gothtober2020 I made a weekly prompt list so we can draw as much or as little as we want!

Blacktober #Blacktober2020 Your favorite characters…with melanin! A safe space for Black creators to make their own representation.

Cozytober #cozytober A super chill prompt list. We’re not stressing this year.

Monster Mania  #monstermania2020  If ooglie booglies are your thing this one’s for you! 

Mab’s Drawloween Club  #mabsdrawlloweenclub  #mabsdrawlloweenclub2020  Ms. Mab does such a wonderful list every year! Her drawloween club is a cult fave.

Plantober #plantober #plantober2020  For the plant parents. 

Creatober #Creatober2020   Creature creators go off!

Minitober #mintober  A properly spooky list.

31 Promptober  #31promptober  #31promptober2020  Another properly spooky list, each prompt day is hosted by a different artist.

Darktober #darktober  A dark arts themed list.

Witchtober #elbydrawswitchtober #witchtober2020    And it wouldn’t be October without a witchy list. 

Happy drawing everyone!