Light box expo 2020

Lissennnnnnnn. Lightbox Expo was so lit this year! Everything was online and I got to watch way more presentations than I would have when it’s on location. I saw EVERY artist alley booth and now all my money are belong to BIPOC artists. Here are my top 5 favorite things (in no particular order) from LBX2020:


I got this new digital painting tool and I’m obsessed. No layers. Just enough brushes. Color jitter. Endless plein air possibilities.

2. Johnathan Hardesky: Capturing and understanding textures: This was an amazing demo! Painting 2d textures is my new favorite thing. He also teaches a schoolism class that I’m more than likely going to take.

3. Visual Development with Cathleen McCallister: I am a sucker for anyone painting anything to do with magic but I really enjoyed her hybrid 3d to 2d process.

4. Story Moments and Story Beats with John Navarez:

Pretty much all of his lectured were fun and he has a way of explaining storytelling that really grabs you.

5.Creating Cinematic Mood, Storytelling and Composition with Alexander Mandradjiev: This was a good long talk and paint session. I love that he creates these feeling packed visual statements with just a round brush.