Quarantine Cartoon Cosplay – Teen Titans

Alright, I’ll admit it. I am one of those adults who pretty much only watches cartoons. Sure I can be tricked into watching a spy movie or two and I have watched a fair bit of sci fi (Star Trek next generation is the best Star Trek and I will watch Star Wars everything forever); but mainly, it’s toons for me. Since my dream of not ever having to leave the house has come to fruition I am using all my new found free time to draw! Ok I work from home so it’s not that much more free time but the lack of commute and errand running counts for something doesn’t it?

I’ve started streaming my morning studio sessions to twitch (twitch.tv/heatherpaints) and I thought a fun exercise would be to do a series of cartoon cosplays; as in me as a cartoon drawn in the style of and dressed up as another cartoon… Wait is that meta? Anyway, week one was Teen Titans. I adore Raven and her obsession with Pretty Pretty Pegasus. I too am a goth that lives for cute things. I also refuse to watch horror movies though I have read a spooky book or two. I mean, not spooky like The Shining, that book is cursed. Spooky like Neil Gaiman’s short stories or vampire romance comics. (In the words of Dorothy Zbornak, Who are you to judge me? xD)

I picked Raven’s Pretty Pretty Pegasus costume because 1. I want one and 2. It looked super fun to draw!